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What do I do with Prosthodontics?

Prosthetics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the reconstruction and rehabilitation of the masticatory system in the absence of teeth or the loss of their parts due to, for example, the abrasion of teeth. The long-term absence of even one tooth can lead to changes in the position of neighboring teeth and those in contact with the opposite dental arch, loosening of neighboring teeth, as well as impaired functioning of the temporo-mandibular joints.

Due to the individual expectations of the patient and the condition of the teeth, different types of tooth restorations are used:

  • permanent prosthetic restorations, which include veneers, crowns, bridges and crown-root inserts, placed on the patient’s own teeth using dental cement,
  • removable dentures allow remove them of the oral cavity in Patient- they are not fixed, they can be skeletal, acrylic, flexible dentures,
  • combined supplements are innovative removable dentures that are fixed in the mouth using specialized slides, latches or telescopic crowns.

Caring for the full comfort of patients, we provide aesthetic and functional temporary restorations for the duration of prosthetic treatment. Correctly made restorations allow restoration of natural features and proportions of the face, improving face aesthetics and chewing function.