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Pediatric dentistry

What do we mean by Children’s Dentistry?

Pediatric dentistry takes care of the child from the moment the first dairy teeth appear, through the period of teeth exchange (lasting about 6-8 years) until full dentition. A child is a special patient, and every parent wants his child to be healthy, smiling, properly growing and developing. The health of the oral cavity affects the whole body, which is why shaping a good, positive attitude to the “dentist” from an early age is a good policy for child in his life.

For the sake of the smile of our little ones and depending on the indications we offer:

  • caries prophylaxis by coating teeth,
  • treatment of caries of milk and permanent teeth,
  • sealing / widening sealing of the fissures of milk teeth and permanent teeth,
  • impregnation of caries in milk teeth,
  • learning proper hygiene, motivational tips for children and parents,
  • diet instruction,
  • management of dairy and permanent teeth injuries,
  • prevention of malocclusion.

The first visit is the so-called adaptive visit, the child meets a doctor, dental office and equipment. In the form of play, we are explain easy, understandable to the child the words why healthy teeth are so important. We try to arouse the curiosity of the child, motivate to subsequent visits and appreciate every brave patient with an award tailored to the interests and expectations of the child. We encourage parents to give the child a positive attitude to an adaptive visit, not to fear the dentist and not to pass on their bad childhood experiences, currently children’s treatment can and should be done without pain and in a friendly atmosphere.