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What do implants mean?

Implants are a solution to replenish missing teeth that most closely imitates nature. These are high-quality titanium screws that reproduce the once-lost root of your own tooth, constitute a pillar for bridges or support for removable dentures. Lack of one, several and even all teeth does not have to be associated with the loss of a beautiful, healthy smile, a sense of discomfort during eating and a decrease in the quality of life. In order to apply such a solution, first of all the patient’s expectations and many factors connected with successful implantation (“taking”) of the implant, the patients should be taken into account during the first consultation visit: general patient’s health, oral cavity hygiene, remaining teeth, quality and quantity of bone tissue, the condition of soft tissues.


A thorough examination of the Patient and a series of additional tests (blood laboratory tests, radiological examination, computer tomography) allow to accurately estimate the risk, present all possible treatment scenarios, the associated costs, propose treatments for implantation, and thereby facilitate the patient’s decision. The implant surgery itself is completely painless, performed under local anesthesia, in aseptic conditions, during one visit, by Patients it is usually referred to as less invasive and less unpleasant than tooth extraction.
The time of healing (osteointegration) is from 3 to 6 months, after which you can prosthetically rebuild the lost tooth, make a bridge or a prosthesis. You should look after implants like your own teeth, adhere to the hygiene recommendations proposed by the doctor and put on regular control visits.