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Dental surgery

What is Dental surgery?

Dental surgery is commonly associated with tooth extraction, but it is a wider field of dentistry that deals with surgical treatment of the oral cavity and adjacent areas. Each of procedure is performed under local anesthesia, appropriately selected for each patient, ensuring full comfort of pain during the procedure. We attach particular importance to the elimination or complete reduction of fear, which is associated with surgical procedures, through pharmacological or verbal premedication, which is based on explaining what will happen during the procedure and calm the patient. Before the surgery, the dentist surgeon thoroughly explains the treatment plan, the individual stages and the possible consequences, recommending the patient appropriate pills that will help the whole process to be successful and a quick return to full oral health.

In the field of dental surgery, we offer our patients:

  • removal of teeth and broken roots,
  • removal of completely and partially detained eighth teeth,
  • resection, hemisection, radectomies,
  • arthritis frenulum of upper lip, lower lip and tongue,
  • enucleation of the cyst,
  • oral or sinus connection,
  • gum grafts and bone regeneration,
  • implanting dental implants,
  • preparation of soft tissues before making prostheses,
  • treatment of complicated abscesses,
  • exposing the teeth detained to bring them orthodontically to the dental arch,
  • procedures to remove fibromas, epithelium, stomatitis, papillomas and other inflammatory changes of the mucous membrane.