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Cosmetic dentistry

What do I answer for Aesthetic Dentistry?

Aesthetics is a study of the beauty feelings and criteria of beauty, while aesthetic dentistry focuses on improving the appearance of the patient’s teeth, so that according to generally accepted and acceptable norms, the snow-white and pearly smile of the patient was a significant asset. Cosmetic dentistry covers several areas, such as conservative dentistry, prosthetics, periodontics, orthodontics and implantology. All treatments performed as part of aesthetic dentistry allow for the most natural reconstruction of missing teeth and significant improvement of the aesthetics of the teeth.

Imitating nature and using a variety of modern materials and methods depending on the individual expectations of the patient, we can offer:

  • tooth color change (in case of congenital or acquired discoloration),
  • shape change (in case of a cracks, after injuries, have an irregular shape or damaged enamel),
  • change in the position of the teeth (in the case of a crack, teeth incorrectly placed twisted, swiveled).