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Conservative dentistry

What does Conservative Dentistry contain?

This is a branch of dentistry which deals with the treatment of cavities resulting from caries, trauma or pathological clash of teeth. Thanks to the early diagnosis and removal of cariously changed tooth tissues, toothache-related complications can be avoided, which leads to the need for root canal treatment. A living tooth is much more valuable than a canal-treated tooth, so root canal treatment is a last resort for us after exhausting all other methods of conservative treatment (such as biological treatment of reversible pulpitis). Endodontic (root canal) treatment consists in removing the inflamed pulp from the tooth cavity and its canals and is used in the case of caries complicated by inflammation, necrosis or gangrene (disintegration) of the dental pulp.


It is often the only and last chance to save a tooth. Our doctors make every effort to ensure that the tooth canals are properly peened and tightly filled. For this purpose, we use, among others from endodontic aparatus that allows an accurate measurement of the length of the root canal, magnifying glass or microscope, and the correctness of endodontic treatment is confirmed on the spot by taking an X-ray. This allows Patients to enjoy their own beautiful smile for much longer. We use the latest composite materials that allow the reconstruction of the front and rear teeth in an unnoticeable way to the eye. We also put emphasis on restoring the proper function of each tooth. In extensive restorations of lateral teeth, we perform inlays and onlays reconstructions with composite and porcelain materials to ensure greater durability, durability and aesthetics.